Floral Frenzy: The Resurgence of Floral Patterns in Fashion Trends

From the bold florals of the Roaring Twenties to the dainty petals of the swinging sixties, flowers have had a long and varied relationship with fashion. Now we’re in a new era and there’s a resurgence of floral patterns that are taking the fashion world by storm. Join us as we explore the floral frenzy taking the world by storm.

1. A Bouquet of Blooms: Exploring Floral Patterns in Fashion

The arrival of spring and summer brings a bouquet of beautiful blooms, and they’re not just for your garden! Floral patterns have become a cornerstone of fashion, and for good reason. With each season, there is a new set of stunning styles featuring flowers.

Heat Pleasers. When temperatures start to soar, we reach for pieces that are light and breezy. Luckily, we can find those with touches of floral blooms! Choose from fits like strapless midi-dresses, flared trousers, or blouses in a variety of styles. Don’t forget about the hair accessories that show off your favorite floral prints.

Chic accents. If you’re looking to add interest to a simple ensemble, floral patterns can come to the rescue. Choose a skirt with an interesting print that draws the eye in. Or try incorporating one of this season’s statement pieces, like a pleated blazer. Add some color to your look with floral sneakers or statement jewelry decorated with delicate blooms.

Icons of elegance. For a classic, timeless look, consider adding a bit of floral to your wardrobe. A pleated midi skirt, for example, can be dressed up or down. Or try a midi-dress with an all-over floral pattern. Ruffles, bows, and button-up details are all wonderful ways to incorporate flowers into your outfit and add a bit of finesse.

Whether you’re going for a relaxed or sophisticated look, there’s no doubt that floral patterns can provide the perfect accent. So, reach for a blooming outfit and welcome in the new season with lots of color and style!

2. A Brief History of Floral in Fashion

The influence of flowers on fashion runs deep and wide. From humble beginnings, florals have become a timeless symbol of beauty, femininity, and femininity in style.

In the first footsteps of high fashion, well-heeled French ladies dressed in full skirts and pannier-style dresses embellished with swathes of rose silk fabric patterned with flowers. Flowery designs adorned waistcoats, trousers, and shawls. French couture continued to produce data-driven floral clothing and accessories until the 1800’s and set the stage for the modern floral fashion trend.

The trend extended to England and the Victorian era, where persistent but more traditional floral embroidered prints became very popular. Women and men’s clothing from this period featured florals, and little hats adorned with roses and daisies sat perched atop the heads of the English gentry. The dressmaker of the upper classes, Charles Worth of Paris, had high-end clients, including the Empress Eugenie, and his designs were very often floral.

Today, florals are everywhere on the fashion scene. Flowery prints in casual clothing, elegant evening gowns and business suits grace the runways and store racks alike. Floral headbands, shoes, and accessories accentuate the look, making it as practical as it is beautiful.

Key Floral Designers & Movements

  • The French couture – Rose silks, panniers, shawls
  • The Victorian era – Embellished prints, little hats
  • Charles Worth of Paris – Clients included Empress Eugenie
  • 1960s & 70s – Miniskirts, bright Haute Couture
  • Miuccia Prada – Prada floral prints, 1990s to present
  • Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons – Altered flower designs
  • Delpozo – Haute couture voluminous florals, huge skirts

Floral fashion continues to change and develop, making it a hard trend to ignore. Whether it’s the iconic Prada florals of the 1990s that started it all, or the modern Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons collaboration, there’s something for everyone in floral fashion.

3. Reflowering the Trend: The Comeback of Floral Prints

When it comes to fashion trends, floral prints have been the instant go-to choice for many women. From the days of its peak in the ‘90s to its ongoing comeback after almost two decades, floral prints have been the anchor for many fashionistas.

It’s evident why floral prints keep pulling the attention of fashion fanatics – it has a fairy tale mystical vibe to it, comes in a variety of colors to choose from, and at the same time stands out from the crowd. This is why, floral prints have been making a comeback in the fashion trend maps.

The “new floral” print designs are brighter, more mature, and bring in a certain sophistication. For instance, hardtack florals – which are abstract and expressionist – have created a new edge when it comes to the floral fashion style. Brands like Free People, Zara, and H&M have grown popular for this type of pattern.

Another category which has become renowned in the fashion industry is the tropical floral. Bold colours and prints has been the main theme, taking inspiration from lush gardens and tropical rainforest. With this print, it is possible to go towards a minimalistic look.

Apart from these, some of the freshest and modern floral patterns have been in ditsy florals, summer garden florals, and cottagecore florals.

  • Ditsy florals: these present a small-scale print with fresh geometric shapes.
  • Summer garden florals: as the name suggests, these prints are inspired from nature’s gardens and feature dewy colors.
  • Cottagecore florals: featuring dark and warm tones, they create a vintage look.

Today, there are countless pieces of clothing in floral prints for each style and personality. Whether you prefer a vibrant look or wish to go with a minimalistic style, floral prints have got your back !

4. The Appeal of Contemporary Floral Fashion

The contemporary fashion scene is awash with floral prints adding a splash of eccentricity to traditional outfits. If you’re looking to inject a little flora to your wardrobe, here are a few reasons why you should.

  • Vibrant Colors – Bright, bold and beautiful, contemporary floral prints offer an array of exquisite colors in their intricate designs. Take a timid little black dress for instance and warm it up with a beautiful floral accessory. Floral prints also work perfectly to brighten up gloomy days and feel a little more cheerful.
  • Playful Charm – Quite often contemporary floral prints have an innocent and enjoyable vibrancy to their designs which juxtapose wonderfully with small, everyday wear. Embroidered, swirly and sketched designs add a playful appeal to any outfit.
  • Elegant Femininity – Although floral prints are often whimsical, a carefully curated pattern and design can still equate to a graceful outfit. By having a little knowledge and adding the right accessory, you can flaunt your femininity and the right florals will show your elegance and sophistication.

Contemporary floral prints are a fantastic way to add a hint of boldness and frivolity in your wardrobe. Whether for every day, a costume or formal event, they are easily implemented and offer an eye-catching addition. Succumb to the floral trend and embrace a world of charm and fashion with contemporary prints.

The floral frenzy looks set to stay this summer season and beyond. With the creative potential to be as subtle or as bold as you wish, don’t be shy to embrace this timeless fashion trend – and when it comes to fashion – there really is no such thing as too many flowers.

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